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01.Useful.Stoplight * The following 4 photos are taken along Karasuma Dori, a main street that crosses the center from north to south, passing by the main Higashi Hongan-ji temple's gate, and ending up to the Kyoto Station area.
You may wonder why that stoplight is there... don't ask me :) * 1096 x 1563 * (499KB)
02.Useful.Stoplight * Same here. * 1238 x 1944 * (899KB)
03.Skinny * This girl has some look... * 816 x 1226 * (342KB)
04.Omandokoro.Otabisho * 1296 x 1790 * (641KB)
05.Towards.Pontocho * Here we are headed towards Pontocho, a typical area along the canal on the east side of the center. * 2916 x 1944 * (1.3MB)
06.Pontocho * Along the channel in Pontocho. 
The name Pontochō is said to be a mix of the English word point or the Portuguese word ponto (also meaning point) and the Japanese word meaning town, street, or road. 
This narrow alley  is the stone paved street closest and running parallel west to the Kamogawa river.
Pontochō area is known as the traditional location of the start of kabuki, but it was actually the biggest red-lght district during the Tokugawa shogunate. It also became home to tea-houses, and geisha entertainment. 
Today's Pontocho contains many old buildings, and is home to expensive restaurants, bars and hostess clubs - the cheaper and modern alternative to geisha entertainment. * 3888 x 2592 * (2.31MB)
07.Pontocho.surreal * Messing up with Photoshop... * 2268 x 1680 * (1.15MB)
08.Pontocho * 1296 x 1944 * (442KB)
09.Pontocho.3.layers * This should be an expensive restaurant (or, I believe, three of them) on the right side of the alley... * 1245 x 1867 * (524KB)
10.Pontocho.Maiko * ... and what seem to be a geisha house on the left. * 1727 x 1296 * (574KB)
11.Pontocho * 2916 x 1944 * (1.64MB)
12.Fish.and.garage * Someone selling fishes in his garage. * 1944 x 1296 * (631KB)
13 * This is right by the Station,on the east side * 1892 x 2840 * (1.3MB)
14.Karasuma.Church * A hidden church in Karasuma dori * 2447 x 3231 * (2.09MB)
15.Heian.Jingu.Torii * Spotted while I was going to the Eikando Zenrinji temple on a bus. Impressive, if put it there. It's the gate to the Heian Jingu Shrine. * 1944 x 1296 * (706KB)
16 * Very nice residence around the Kinkaku-ji area. * 2657 x 1915 * (868KB)
17.Shijo.dori * Shijo dori, a main street crossing the center from east to west, is possibly  the main shopping street in Kyoto. * 2916 x 1944 * (1.24MB)
18.Toto.Peppino.e.le.aidoru * I was in this music store looking for some alternative/underground japanese music... * 1944 x 1296 * (620KB)
19.St.Agnes.Church * Another church, again in Karasuma dori * 2592 x 2235 * (809KB)
20.High.Heels.anywhere * One memory I have from Japan is the high amount of girls wearing high heels boots, in Tokyo especially. But here again, the girl shakes her feet each time they touch the floor... here we are at the Kinkaku-ji temple. Walking on rocks, wearing your fashionable high heels leather boots. * 1174 x 837 * (441KB)
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