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01.Ishiyakushi.Gomon.North.east.gate * North east gate to the park * 2814 x 1877 * (2.02MB)
02.North.east.path * 2829 x 1741 * (2.19MB)
03.North.east.path * 2867 x 1911 * (1.64MB)
04.Saruga.tsui * The wall surrounding the imperial buildings * 1944 x 1074 * (651KB)
05.Imperial.Palace.North.gate * 1929 x 1113 * (723KB)
06.Imperial.Palace.west.wall * 1781 x 1197 * (694KB)
07.Okurumayose * Here we are just inside the walls, on the west side.
Okurumayose is the entrance reserved for dignitaries with special permission to enter the Palace. * 1273 x 1529 * (486KB)
08.Okurumayose.Painting * A painting on Okurumayose door. * 1944 x 1296 * (583KB)
09.Shodaibunoma.Yamatomai * on the right side of Okurumayose, there's the Shodaibunoma building, which was used as a waiting room for official visits to the Palace by dignitaries. They were ushered into three different anterooms according to their rank.
In this room, you can see a full scale reproduction of the ancient dance and music performance called Yamatomai, which was based on the manners and customs of the Yamato district (the current Nara prefecture).
It was performed in the Daijosai (Divine Ceremony after the Enthronement). The players of the traditional music instruments called Beiju and four court dancers performed to their music and a song. * 1880 x 1251 * (485KB)
10.Shodaibunoma.Yamatomai * The two musicians. * 2488 x 1667 * (717KB)
11.Shodaibunoma * Another anteroom. * 1877 x 1208 * (451KB)
12.Shinmikurumayose * The Shinmikurumayose building (on the left) was built as a new carriage entrance on the occasion of the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Taisho in 1915.
On the right, you can see the Gekkamon Gate which leads to the main building area. * 2678 x 1466 * (997KB)
13.Shinmikurumayose.Gosechinomai * In front of the Shinkikurumayose entrance, there is a representation of the Gosechinomai courtly dance. It used to be performed in the shinjosai (an annual rite in which the Emperor makes an offering of the newly harvested rice to the deities to thank them for the blessing), but now it is only performed in the Daijosai (the first Shinjosai performed for the newly enthroned Emperor).
There are 4 or 5 female court dancers who dance to the accompainment of the traditional music and a song.
 * 1800 x 1245 * (729KB)
14.Gekkamon.gate * 2856 x 1904 * (1.34MB)
15.Flowers.by.Nikkamon.gate * 1923 x 1282 * (546KB)
15.Kenshunmon.gate * This is the eastern gate to the Imperial Buildings area. * 1944 x 1296 * (702KB)
15.Shunkoden * On the east side of the imperial palace (we just walked around it from west to east so far) there is the Shunkoden, which was built to place the sacred mirror used during the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Taisho in 1915.
(they build such a building only for that!) * 1944 x 1296 * (900KB)
16.Shishinden.and.Cherry.Tree * This is the Shishinden, the main building. It was used for important ceremonies such as enthronements. The roof is made of layers of cypress bark. The garden of white gravel played an equally important role in the ceremonies as the building itself.
To the east side, there is a cherry tree, and to the west a mandarin tree.
I have to apologize (Sumimasen) for the weird angle, but I could not frame the building perfectly due to restrictions in walkable areas. * 2792 x 1777 * (1.3MB)
17.Takamimura.throne * The throne inside the Shishinden, called Takamimura.
It has been used as the Imperial throne on the occasion of enthronement ceremonies commencing in 707 in the reign of Emperor Genmei.
The present throne was modeled on the original design constructed in 1913 before the emperoTaisho's enthronement took place here in the Kyoto Imperial Palace.  * 2385 x 1967 * (915KB)
18.Shishinden.Michodai.seat * This is the Michodai seat inside the Shishinden, that is the August Seat of the Empress. It was build in 1913, its color and shape are the same as the throne, but it is a bit smaller and simpler. 
The Imperial throne Takamikura is always placed in the center of the main hall, and Michodai on the right of it. * 2632 x 1682 * (987KB)
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