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This is the only silent urban area I ever visited in Tokyo. While in the center (namely, all other areas in the whole Tokyo photo album are in the "center"...) you always hear a cacophonic wall of sounds (jingles in the subways for opening-closing doors, talking drink vendor machines, talking escalators, talking shops, loud-speakers outside the shops, musical traffic-lights and so on, altogether) here silence dominates.
That's exactly the Tokyo suburbia I imagined before coming here. Of course, with hanging wires :) Which you can't see here brcause of the dark.
01.Bikes * Some shots (too few, I've just realized...) from the suburb area around Kyodo station, where our friends Massimo and Erika have just found their apartment.
As you can see, biking is very common in Tokyo... * 3047 x 2224 * (1.27MB)

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10/30/07 2:24 PM
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03 * 1752 x 2628 * (692KB)

04.Turtles * Wanna find some turtles breeded outside someone's door? Come to Tokyo... * 2735 x 2035 * (1.46MB)

05.Basil * They probably like italian cousine. * 2260 x 3492 * (1.41MB)

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