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They probably like italian cousine.
02 * This is the only silent urban area I ever visited in Tokyo. While in the center (namely, all other areas in the whole Tokyo photo album are in the center...) you always hear a cacophonic wall of sounds (jingles in the subways for opening-closing doors, talking drink vendor machines, talking escalators, talking shops, loud-speakers outside the shops, musical traffic-lights and so on, altogether) here silence dominates.
That's exactly the Tokyo suburbia I imagined before coming here. Of course, with hanging wires :) Which you can't see here brcause of the dark. * 1729 x 2427 * (747KB)

03 * 1752 x 2628 * (692KB)

04.Turtles * Wanna find some turtles breeded outside someone's door? Come to Tokyo... * 2735 x 2035 * (1.46MB)

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10/30/07 2:34 PM
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06.Villa * 1752 x 2390 * (649KB)

07 * 2589 x 1725 * (607KB)

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