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01.Sea.of.Gals * This is my first shot in Tokyo, at Otemachi subway station. Cute * 2444 x 1502 * (857KB)
02.L.and.R * Japanese people mess up with L and R western letters not only when talking, but also when writing. R usually wins, they easily forget about the L. Rollerballll. * 1564 x 1072 * (312KB)
03.Food.replica * Many restaurants (and they are many) expose plastic reproductions of their dishes, probably to attract tourists lost in translation. I must say that it works. * 1596 x 1090 * (551KB)
04.Card.arcade * One of the novelties I didn't know about in the arcades, are these videogames in which you play with cards. The game recognize the cards and their positions over a table put in front of the player. The player also uses buttons and joysticks as usual.
I saw a medieval strategy game (the one in the photo), a football game, a Gundam RTS game and possibly others using this system. Quite an interesting idea to differentiate arcade games from anything on pc/home console. * 1752 x 1168 * (499KB)
05.Stairway * 1752 x 1168 * (609KB)
06.Honmaru.Smiru * 3504 x 2336 * (1.36MB)
07.Cionino.Takebashi * 2336 x 3504 * (1.48MB)
07.Smiro * 2336 x 3504 * (753KB)
08.Otaku * This man was our otaku! Can't go in Japan if there aren't otakus with you. * 1168 x 1752 * (803KB)
09.Floor * 1484 x 2430 * (613KB)
10.Last.supper * We were having this good looking dinner at this restaurant on the 4th floor somewhere in Shinjuku west. Our table was separated from the corridor by a wooden grid door. It felt very intimate. * 2916 x 1944 * (1.48MB)
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